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I have always been intrigued by Art History and I am particularly inspired by the Post-Impressionist artists who lived in Paris in the late 1880s, including such well-known painters as Van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat and Toulouse-Lautrec. At that time, these artists generally rebelled against the then dominant Impressionist-style; found inspiration in the transitional art of Paul Cezanne; rediscovered strong line and color in their compositions; traveled seeking primitive cultures to depict; and/or expressed symbolism in their art.

Now, whenever I start a new painting, I ponder the question, “How would these Masters approach this subject?” Paul Gauguin is well-known for his sojourns to the South Seas to paint innocent native life amidst unspoiled nature. When painting a local scene, I often ask rhetorically, “If Gauguin had resided in Costa Rica, how different would his art output look?”

Since moving to Costa Rica in 2004, I have found it to boast many great teachers and its a good base for foreign travel. My travels to depict various Latin America scenes and subjects has taken me to Mexico, all of Central America (except El Salvador), and to Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil.

(Measurements are in inches.)